Sangeeta Jain is a registered psychologist who has been providing support and clinical services to clients for more than 20 years in Sydney, Australia. She has also practiced in India and England, giving her a compassionate, insightful and understanding approach to her work.
Growing up in a spiritual family who regularly practiced meditation has influenced her perspective of psychology and the mind; she approaches psychology holistically, enabling her clients to realise their strengths and self-respect so they can naturally transcend into self-worth and confidence to boost their roles in life.

Sangeeta works with clients from all life stages to improve the quality of their lives. She truly feels that, with a focus on engaging with yourself, every person can better themselves and their relationships as well as their behaviours at home and work. She is dedicated to supporting families through challenging stages and helping them to grow stronger together.

With her wide background of experience practicing and living in diverse cultures, Sangeeta
has developed the skills to listen and understand her clients on a deeper level. She has seen
the way people from all walks of life see themselves and the world. In this way, she is able to
work with them to achieve their goals in life and develop healthier practices and behaviour.

Her favourite therapeutical approach includes a unique and effective combination of
Mindfulness techniques, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, and Positive Psychology. She has
developed her own model using these techniques which she calls her Three-Step Model of
Triple R (Relaxation, Reflection, Realisation). This is how her research and practice has led
to a deeper understanding of the mind and how to best unlock it’s potential.

Sangeeta specialises her work with the family and relationships within the family unit to promote unity. This means she has experience working with both adults and children, in order to resolve marital issues and other relationship problems within the family. This can include changing behaviours in the workplace to ensure peace in all areas of life. Otherwise, she conducts assessment and treatment of ADHD and related symptoms in children 6-18 years, has extensive practice in treating depression and anxiety symptoms, practices treatment for trauma symptoms (including panic attacks and avoidance behaviour), and is a personality profiler to promote self-awareness. She also provides counselling relating to phobias, nightmares, and stress management.

Over the years, Sangeeta has been practicing with general medical practices to deliver on this shared model for the treatment of mental health issues. While she practices in person in The Ponds area, she is able to complete sessions through online Skype calls for clients who are unable to reach her, covered by Medicare for those in remote communities. As such, Sangeeta aims to help families preserve their relationships and grow stronger together, no matter the distance.

She also uses her expertise as a consultant in a range of business organisations for employee assistant programs. This allows her to have a deep understanding of workplace challenges and the importance of thoughtful behaviour. Sangeeta further is involved with various multicultural, community-based NGO’s in the capacity of an executive member.